A way of life

Looking for small classes and personal attention while getting your body back.  Youíve found it! Come exercise with me.
Iíll exercise right along with you as you regain your confidence and endurance.
Youíve taken the first step on the path to physical fitness and rejuvenation, by seeking information. Now you decide. Are you really ready to make a commitment to become physically fit? 

The decision to carry out a physical fitness program should be taken seriously. It should be a lifelong sacrafice of time and effort. If you want to get fit and stay fit, then fitness must become just as important to you as receiving your pay check, brushing your teeth, or getting dressed.

Things to think about:
        *    Patience is essential. You canít lose it all in one month.
        *    Donít try to do too much too soon and donít quit before you have a chance to
              experience the rewards of adding fitness to your lifestyle.

Kitana's offers Personal Training and Fitness Classes five days a week. Classes are designed to sculpt the entire body.

Students receive:
                 Professional fitness training
                 Individualized fitness plans
                 Nutritional information
                 Monthly measurment and weight evaluations

Contact Kitana for your initial consultation.

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